I defended my PhD at Télécom Paris, in the image processing team of the LTCI, in June 2016. The topic of my thesis deals with the elaboration of new models for the restoration and the interpretation of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images. During my previous post-doc at Université de Caen in the Image team of the GREYC, I worked on graph signal processing in collaboration with Julien Rabin and Abderrahim Elmoataz. I was involved in the GRAPHSIP and NUMNIE projects.

I am currently working as a Lead data-scientist and the team leader of the AI Research Labs at Fieldbox. This company helps industry with artificial intelligence.

My main research interests in random order are:

    • Image processing and computer vision (denoising, classification, segmentation, feature matching, object detection…)
    • Patch-based dictionary learning
    • Gaussian mixture models
    • Signal processing on graphs with variational approaches
    • Predictive models for time series and tabular data
    • Deep learning: Variational Auto-encoders for industiral data, Self Supervised Learning, Vision Transformers, Interpretability
    • Data: SAR images, natural images, 3D point clouds, time series, tabular data…