• I have recently co-organized with Julien Rabin a minisymposium in the SIAM conference on imaging science in Bologna. The title was « RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN VARIATIONAL IMAGE MODELING ».
  • On April the 25th, I have presented my current work at the GTTI workgroup (Groupe de Travail en Traitement d’Images) of the CMLA at ENS Paris-Saclay.

I defended my PhD at Télécom ParisTech in image processing in June 2016. The topic of my thesis deals with the elaboration of new models for the restoration and the interpretation of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images.

Currently, I am a post-doc at Université de Caen in the Image team of the GREYC. I am working on graph signal processing in collaboration with Julien Rabin and Abderrahim Elmoataz. I am involved in the GRAPHSIP and NUMNIE projects. Since January 2018, I am hosted by the CMLA at ENS Paris-Saclay.

My main research interests in random order are:

    • Image denoising and classification
    • Patch-based dictionary learning
    • Gaussian mixture models
    • Radar images
    • Variational approaches
    • Signal processing on graphs