Hi, I am Sonia, welcome to my webpage ! I am a freelance expert in Artifial Intelligence (AI), especially in Computer Vision topics.

I have a strong applied Mathematics background and I specialized in machine learning and image processing during my MVA Master at ENS Paris Saclay in 2012. After my PhD at Télécom Paris in satellite image processing and a few years working in academia, I decided to apply this knowledge and rigorous scientific methodology to the private sector. So I joined for Fieldbox and worked there for 5 years. It’s a company that increases the operational efficiency of industries with data driven and AI solutions. I was a lead data scientist on client projects, a great help to the presales team and I co-founded an AI R&D team that I managed and supervised.

My main research interests in random order are:

    • Image processing and computer vision (denoising, classification, segmentation, feature matching, object detection, OCR, depth estimation…)
    • Patch-based dictionary learning
    • Gaussian mixture models
    • Signal processing on graphs with variational approaches
    • Predictive models for time series and tabular data
    • Deep learning: Variational Auto-encoders for industiral data, Self Supervised Learning, Vision Transformers, Interpretability
    • Data: SAR images, natural images, 3D point clouds, time series, tabular data…
    • Recently, I started to upskill my game in LLMs and multimodal models

I enjoy applying this scientific knowledge to projects with strong impact. I can supervise and AI project from framing, data collection and labeling, to modeling and deployement. I am a great communicant to any profile, even non-technical. I also think that early discussions with end-users of AI-models or products and subject matter experts is key to launch successful projects. So if you wish to collaborate with me, please reach out !