Conference papers:

– S. Tabti, F. Vallée, D. Poon Shu Han, M. Elion, Y. Alouini, Automatisation de l’inspection de conteneurs maritimes : une preuve de concept, APIA’23

– B. L’Ollivier, S. Tabti, J. Budynek, Analyse de shifts dans des données industrielles de capteurs par AutoEncodeur Variationnel parcimonieux, EGC’2023 (English version, code)

– M. Elion, S. Tabti, J. Budynek, Interpretability of deep learning models for visual defect detection: a preliminary study, days 2022 , flash presentation of the poster (starts at 20mn and 10secs)

– A. Pavao, I. Guyon, […], T. Lecerf, M. Elion, P. Le Bouteiller, S. Tabti, J. Budynek, Airplane_Numerical_Twin: A Time Series Regression Competition, ICMLA 2021 (output of Fieldbox participation -among others- to the Dassault challenge: AI for industry)

– B. L’Ollivier, S. Tabti, J. Budynek, Manifold exploration of industrial processes with Variational AutoEncoders, CaP 2021

– M. Elion, S. Tabti, J. Budynek, Prédiction séquence-à-séquence de séries temporelles multivariées et déséquilibrées avec des réseaux de neurones convolutifs, EGC 2021

–  S. Tabti, L. Verdoliva, G. Poggi, Sparse-coding adapted to SAR images with an application to despeckling, IGARSS 2018

–  S. Tabti, J. Rabin, A. Elmoataz, Symmetric upwind scheme for discrete weighted Total Variation, ICASSP 2018

– S. Tabti, J. Rabin, A. Elmoataz, Variation totale discrète en schéma décentré symétrique, GRETSI (national conference), 2017, matlab code

– S. Tabti, C-A. Deledalle, L. Denis, F. Tupin, Patch-based SAR image classification: the potential of modeling the statistical distribution of patches with Gaussian Mixtures, IGARSS 2015 (slides)

– S. Tabti, C-A. Deledalle, L. Denis, F. Tupin, Modeling the distribution of patches with shift-invariance: application to SAR image restoration, ICIP 2014 (slides)

– S. Tabti, C-A. Deledalle, L. Denis, F. Tupin, Building invariance properties for dictionaries of SAR image patches, IGARSS 2014 / 35th CSRS   (slides)

Journal papers:

–  C-A. Deledalle, L. Denis,  S. Tabti, F. Tupin, MuLoG, or How to apply Gaussian denoisers to multi-channel SAR speckle reduction?,  in IEEE Transactions for image processing, September 2017, supplementary material webpage with code

Technical reports:

– M. Schueler, S. Romano, N. Stanusch, B. Cetin, S. Tabti et al., Exposing the use of generative AI imagery in the political campaigns of the 2024 french elections, July 2024

– Fabio Coppini, Yiye Jiang, Sonia Tabti, Predictive models on 1D signals in a small-data
environment (output of the work done during the « Semaine d’Etudes Maths Entreprise » on October 2020)

– Sonia Tabti, Luisa Verdoliva, Giovanni Poggi, Improving a new sparse-coding algorithm dedicated to SAR images with a coeffcient of variation map, 2018.

PhD dissertation in french (2016):

Modélisation des images par patchs pour leur restauration et leur interprétation, Applications à l’imagerie SAR.